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Upcoming Quarterly Meetings

Past Quarterly Meetings

2017-06-11 "Pearls from Practice" - June 11, 2017 Quarterly Meeting
2017-03-12 Jean Fain, LICSW, “The Self-Compassion Diet: Hypnotically Treating Eating Issues with Kindness” - March 2017 Quarterly Meeting
2016-11-06 Joanne Twombly, LICSW, "The Use of Hypnosis in Treating Complex Trauma and the Dissociative Disorders" - November 2016 Quarterly Meeting
2016-09-11 Lynn Lyons, LICSW, "Beyond Calming Down" -September 2016 Quarterly Meeting
2016-04-10 Lorna McKenzie-Pollock, LICSW, "Trance Ratification in Traditional Healing Ceremonies" - April 2016 Quarterly Meeting
2016-01-10 Steven Hassan, MEd, LMHC, "Cult Mind Control" - January 2016 Quarterly Meeting
2015-11-15 Anne Webster, PhD of the Benson Institute, "Mind/Body Medicine Techniques: Applications and Components" - November 2015 Quarterly Meeting
2015-09-27 September 2015 Quarterly Meeting - Pearls from Practice
2015-05-17 NESCH May 2015 Quarterly Meeting - "Strengthening Willpower: Practical tips for using hypnosis to help the brain help us," Speakers: Drs. Pamela Devaney & Rebecca Johnston
2015-04-26 NESCH April 2015 Quarterly Meeting - "Center Core Phenomena: How Can We Use Them and What do they Do?" with Dr. Claire Frederick
2014-12-07 NESCH December 2014 Quarterly Meeting - Another Way of Looking at Patients/Clients with Chronic Conditions of Unclear Etiology, Speaker: Dr. Harvey Zarren
2014-10-26 NESCH October 2014 Quarterly Meeting - "Hypnotic techniques and the patient experience" with Dr. Elvira Lang
2014-05-18 NESCH May 2014 Quarterly Meeting - "Pearls from Practice, Presenters: NESCH Members"
2014-01-26 NESCH January 2014 Quarterly Meeting - "Inviting the Muse: Trance Enhancement of Creativity,” Presenter: Carol Ginandes, Ph.D., ABPP
2013-12-08 NESCH December 2013 Quarterly Meeting - "Hypnosis and Trauma Treatment," Presenter: Lorna McKenzie-Pollack, LICSW
2013-09-29 NESCH September 2013 Quarterly Meeting, "Unwrapped: The Transformative Impact of Experiential Learning Using Hypnosis with Gay Men," Presenter: Richard Miller, LICSW
2013-03-03 NESCH February Quarterly Meeting: Presenter: Max Shapiro, PhD“What we can learn from single-session resolution of a presenting complaint”
2012-12-02 NESCH December Quarterly Meeting: Presenter: Larry Peltz, MD; The Dr. Tom Martin Memorial Lecture generously sponsored by the Martin Family
2012-09-30 Sunday, September 30th Dr. Zarren Presents Framework of Patients with Fibrmyalgia
2012-06-10 Half Day meeting, "Pearls from Practice"
2012-02-12 Eva Szigethy, MD, Hypnosis and GI Disorders
2011-12-04 "The Dr. Tom Martin Memorial Lecture" FULL DAY - Alert Hypnosis, David M. Wark, PhD, ABPH
2011-09-25 Hypnosis and Dreams with Deirdre Barrett, PhD
2011-04-03 Insomnia and Preparation for Medical, Dental & Surgical Procedures, Max Shapiro, PhD
2010-12-12 Pearls from Practice
2010-10-03 Chronic Pain: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Related Syndromes
2010-06-13 Pearls from Practice, Max Shapiro, PhD
2009-10-11 Hypnosis and Weight Mangement, Deirdre Barrett, PhD

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